Marcin Domański



  • Bunkier

    Do you ever play Alien Breed? This is my attempt to create my own version of this wonderful game. You can watch gameplay here.

    Godot GameMake Adobe Photoshop Blender 3D Audacity Adobe Premiere
  • Gradient generator

    Application to create awesome gradients in CSS

    Svelte SCSS Vite
  • Draw on Desktop

    An application used to draw on the desktop. Unlike other such solutions, it allows you to group, rotate, change the colors of the drawn figures, etc.

    Javascript Electron
  • Color manager

    An application used to retrieve colors from the desktop, manage them, but most importantly to quickly select many of them.

    Javascript Electron
  • Timer in Rad (Delphi)

    A simple application used to count down time during a break

    RAD Studio
  • Pipe game

    A game of arranging tubes so that water can flow through. I first wrote it in pure Javascript using classes. Then I rewrote it in Typescript.

    Javascript Parcel Typescript
  • Bootstrap Icons better picker

    An application used to quickly select Bootstrap icons

    Javascript PHP
  • Image placeholder

    My own image placeholder written in Node.js using Express

    Javascript Node Express